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Work Addiction Therapy

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Work Addiction Therapy

The symptoms of work addiction may include the following:

  • You tend to take on more work than everyone around you
  • You feel anxious about your work when you leave the office
  • It is hard to take a vacation and when you do, you think about your work
  • Your family or loved ones claim that you are not available or that you never spend time with them anymore
  • You may have trouble falling or staying asleep, or sometimes sleeping at all
  • You feel tired all of the time and often drink caffeinated beverages or use other means to stay awake and alert
  • You have headaches, blood pressure problems, ulcers or other health issues

When to Seek Help for Workaholism

Help for workaholism should be sought if any of the following occur:

  • Your relationships suffer—if your marriage, your family relationships, or relationships with parents or children are suffering because of workaholism, it is time to seek help.
  • You have a need for control—you know deep down that you cannot control everything. When you suffer from work addiction, the need to control everything may become overwhelming. While it is important to remain in control of your own life, there are some things you cannot control. The need to control can cause stress and strain on your life.
  • Health Concerns—Heart disease, ulcers, migraines, high blood pressure, heart attacks and aneurysms are among the hundreds of illnesses that are attributed to stress each year.
  • The thing you work for the most, your work, suffers—no human can maintain the schedules workaholics set for themselves. Whether it is small errors, mistakes in scheduling, competency or completion, your work suffers when you become stretched too thin.

Work Addiction and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Work addiction can be a symptom of deeper psychiatric issues. Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) occurs when a person has obsessive worries that he or she cannot let go of. Because of these worries, the person feels compelled to perform certain actions to help fix the anxiety. For the workaholic, this can be making sure every work task is done perfectly and desiring to control the work environment.

Help Finding Work Addiction Therapy

Are you or a loved one addicted to work? We can help. Our toll-free number is available 24 hours a day. We work with a nationally-based network of treatment centres, counsellors, consultants, interventionists, family therapists and more. We can help you break the cycle of work addiction in your life and get you back on track to a more productive and rewarding life.

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