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Women, Depression, and Addiction

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Women, Depression, and Addiction

Many women tend to put the needs of others before their own. While this can certainly appear to help keep their families and work-life rolling along smoothly, it can also result in a lack of “me-time” for a woman who is perhaps already struggling with depression. The connection between women and depression runs a lot deeper than simply being influenced by hormones, as does the link between women and addiction that may be partially fueled by depression.

Without professional depression help for women who are struggling with the weight of their obligations, the situation is only going to get worse. If there is also an addiction present, then it too will also worsen without professional addiction help for women.

The Causes of Depression in Women

Post-partum depression is often the primary consideration when people think about the connection between women and depression. While post-partum depression is a very real concern for women and their families to be aware of, the following are other reasons why a woman may be struggling with depression:

  • Stress can be from family concerns that include domestic abuse or infidelity, issues at work, or the result of too many obligations to too many organizations
  • Hormonal and chemical imbalances are also often to blame for an increase seen in women and depression, but it is not always the problem
  • The recent loss of a loved one or the destruction of a relationship can also lead to depression
  • Anxiety and panic attacks that may or may not be related to posttraumatic stress disorder are often linked to women and depression
  • Trauma or traumatic stress can lead to depression
Women, Depression, and Addiction

Professional depression help for women who are perhaps also struggling with addiction will involve more than just treating the patient with a chemical cocktail of antidepressants. It will involve individualized therapeutic solutions that work to directly address the underlying conditions that may have been contributing to the depression and or addiction.

When Addiction Occurs

Self-medicating stress, anxiety, and depression with alcohol or drugs are one of the connections between women and addiction. It is, however, certainly not the only way that addiction finds its way into the life of a woman who may by all other appearances seems to have her life put together. When you think about women and addiction you should consider that the addiction could take the form of alcoholism, drug addiction to either prescription or illicit drugs, and could also be a non-substance addiction that includes sexual addiction, compulsive shopping, or gambling.

The solution comes in the form of professional addiction help for women, typically in rehab for women who are struggling with addiction, depression, and other emotional or mental health issues. There are a number of rehab solutions, including those that are exclusively for women living with PTSD or other trauma in their past, and rehabs that specifically treat gambling addictions or other forms of compulsive behavior.

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