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Why Should I Get Treatment for Gambling Addiction?

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Why Should I Get Treatment for Gambling Addiction?

A gambling addiction can take a huge toll on all aspects of your life. If you have yet to see the negative toll that this type of addiction can take, you may not believe your compulsive gambling is a problem that requires addiction treatment. You may even believe that the problems your friends and family members are trying to discuss with you are issues of their own and are completely unrelated to your love of gambling. However, if you can honestly review a gambling addiction self-test and recognize a few of the symptoms of gambling addiction in yourself, it may be time for you to consider professional addiction care.

Ask Yourself a Few Questions about Your Gambling

Honestly answer the following questions to find out if you are demonstrating any of the symptoms of gambling addiction:

Why Should I Get Treatment for Gambling Addiction?
  • Do you have a fixation or preoccupation with your gambling?
  • Are you constantly sharing stories of your big wins with anyone who will listen?
  • Do you find yourself anxiously planning and looking forward to your next gambling trip?
  • Do you spend excessive hours on gambling websites?
  • Do you spend a significant amount of time thinking about where to get more money to gamble with?
  • Have you found yourself maxing out credit cards to get more gambling money?
  • Have you started lying about where missing money has gone?
  • Have you resorted to illegal activities to increase your available gambling money?
  • Do you feel anxious and irritable when you are not able to indulge in your gambling hobby?
  • When you lose money do you feel compelled to risk more in order to win it all back?
  • Are you risking higher amounts of money in order to maintain the “high” and sense of satisfaction that you get when you gamble?
  • Have you started to notice strains in your personal relationships?

With the increasingly large number of websites that offer to gamble, there is an increase in the number of individuals who have an online gambling addiction. While it can be dangerous enough to spend time in casinos or at racing tracks, online gambling puts your addiction at your fingertips. This can also increase your addictive behavior, as you find yourself spending more time and more money on your gambling problem.

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