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What Is Kanna?

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What Is Kanna?

New forms of drugs appear on the street regularly, as well as countless stories about substances that you’d never have suspected to be addictive. One of the more esoteric drugs of abuse is sceletium tortuosum, also known as Kanna. While documented accounts of Kanna’s abuse date as far back as the 1660s, few people know about this herb outside of those who abuse it. This drug is a succulent herb that is often grown in South Africa. The name Kanna is one of the several names this drug goes by, with others being kauwgoed or coughed, which translates into English as “something to chew.” Despite this seemingly harmless definition, this drug causes serious issues for users, so seek professional help to get someone off this drug.

How People Abuse Kanna

Those who abuse Kanna are rather creative about how they take this potent herb. The plant is typically dried through unique drying processes and then chewed. Also, many people smoke this plant, consume it in tea, or they take it in gel cap form. While some people believe that Kanna is a powerful hallucinogen, there is actually no evidence to prove this.

What Is Kanna?

Dangers of Kanna Abuse

One of the concerns about Kanna’s abuse is that many people believe the drug is harmless because it is natural. However, taking selenium tortuosum can elevate mood and decrease anxiety. This can make the drug quite attractive for someone who desires to self-medicate stress and anxiety. In larger doses, the drug can cause a state of euphoria that boosts energy, but this pleasure will precede an emotional crash that results in intense drowsiness. Kanna abuse can result in inebriation, but again not hallucinations.

The real concern about the dangers of Kanna is that many people take it simultaneously with other drugs. If you also abuse hallucinogens or take large doses of marijuana, the Kanna can potentially lead you to an accidental overdose.

Recovering from Kanna Abuse

Whether you abuse Kanna by itself or with other drugs, you must seek out professional care. The concern about Kanna is not limited to this single plant, but again more about the other drugs that you may take with it. Kanna could lead to further drug abuse in an effort to decrease anxiety or increase euphoria even more. Whether you use this substance as a gateway or companion drug, the sooner that you receive help for your Kanna addiction, the sooner you will be on the right path to a sober and drug-free life.

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