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What Is an Overdose Reversal Kit?

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What Is an Overdose Reversal Kit?

An overdose reversal kit is a resource of tools used to prevent or reverse the effects of an opioid overdose.  In many overdose situations, whether they be accidental or intentional, it is difficult to get immediate medical attention. An article in Time magazine stated that drug overdoses kill over an estimated 22,000 Americans every year. In order to prevent these situations from turning fatal, overdose relapse kits are being used as immediate treatment resources before medical assistance is available. An overdose reversal kit typically contains the prescription drug naloxone, as well as nasal adaptors, syringes, and instructional guidelines for the recipient and his or her family.

How Does an Overdose Reversal Kit Work?

The naloxone that is included in an overdose reversal kit should be injected into an individual through a syringe during an overdose. The drug works to reverse the binding action of a drug to the brain’s opioid receptors. By stripping the drug from the brain’s receptors, the individual’s drug high is reversed and the symptoms of overdose can gradually diminish. Emergency breathing aid is also provided with the kit to encourage the free flow of oxygen and respiratory regularity. An overdose reversal kit is especially helpful for individuals who are too intoxicated or frightened to call for help.

What Is an Overdose Reversal Kit?

Are Overdose Reversal Kits Safe?

An overdose reversal kit is safe and does come with video or written instructions. Before receiving the kit, individuals can also watch an instructional video at their doctors’ office or pharmacy, as well as via the Internet. The kit must be prescribed by a doctor, which will help ensure an individual’s understanding of safety precautions. Before using the kit, an individual will learn the signs and symptoms of an overdose, how to respond to the overdose, and how to use the naloxone reversal medication. In addition, individuals will also be instructed on the signs and symptoms of drug abuse, dependence, and addiction, and how to get help for these issues as well as after they overdose. An overdose reversal kit is not meant to be a ‘get out of jail free card’ for individuals who are dealing with drug abuse. An overdose is a major red flag in that an individual’s drug use has gotten out of control and is putting his life in danger.

Don’t Risk Drug Overdose: Get Addiction Help Now

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