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Managing Shopping Addiction during the Holiday Shopping Season

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Managing Shopping Addiction during the Holiday Shopping Season

The sales and specials offered over the holiday season are a huge temptation to go overboard with spending. This is an even bigger problem to avoid for someone struggling with a shopping addiction.

Recognizing a Shopping Addiction

When is shopping addiction? When does purchasing items turn into a problem with spending too much on shopping? Some of the symptoms of shopping addiction are as follows:

  • Feeling a sense of elation or euphoria when spending money or buying new items, especially when the items are a perceived “steal” due to sales
  • Compulsive shopping with an inability to control the impulses to spend
  • Hiding evidence of spending too much
  • Struggling with paying household bills due to too much shopping
  • Finding ways to justify spending habits
  • Getting irritable when unable to go shopping, especially if there is a sale or bargain on a much-wanted item
  • Turning to shop when emotions are overwhelming
  • Strained personal relationships as a result of the addictive behaviors
  • Stealing from friends, family members, and other petty thefts in an effort to continue to fund the shopping addiction
Managing Shopping Addiction during the Holiday Shopping Season

How to End Compulsive Shopping

If you are concerned about a loved one, consider staging a family intervention that will allow all affected members of the family to express their concerns about the shopping addiction.

Depression during the holidays is very common, especially in those who may not have family and close friends nearby; a spending addiction can develop as a means to cope with the stress, anxiety, and depression felt by being alone during this time of the year. There is a strong connection between compulsive shopping and anxiety; those with a spending addiction can find it very soothing to shop, spend money, and take home new purchases.

By identifying the reasons behind a person’s shopping addiction, recovery is much more likely. Rehab facilities offer counseling and other beneficial therapies that can help a person with a compulsive shopping problem to get quality treatment.

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