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Is Internet Addiction Dangerous?

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Is Internet Addiction Dangerous?

Internet addiction goes beyond frequently updating your Twitter account. Internet addiction extends to online games, adult material, gambling, and even shopping for the best possible deals. Computer addiction can prove dangerous for a number of reasons, but help is available for every situation.

Internet Addiction Risks

The following are some of the many risks associated with Internet addiction:

  • Online gaming addictions can lead to an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, which can bring with it a host of physical and emotional risks. These risks include weight gain, high blood pressure, and even developing blood clots in the legs. Some online games can compel obsessive playing, often for days at a time. This will not just affect an addict’s social life but can also cause serious problems with employment, finances, and cleanliness.
  • An online pornography addiction can appear to be harmless at first glance, but it can get individuals into risky and dangerous situations.
  • An online gambling addiction can lead to dire financial problems that can destroy a family’s stability. It is easy to go to gambling websites and spend money that was supposed to be used for rent or groceries.
  • An online shopping addiction can lead to severe financial problems and several other serious complications. It can leave a person spending hours searching the internet for the best deals; it can even be responsible for problems in the workplace as tasks are not completed and deadlines are not met.

Remember that the dangers of online addiction can affect more than adults. Teenagers and young adults are also susceptible to developing an internet addiction that can lead to online bullying and exposure to internet predators. Internet addiction might not pose the biggest physical threats from outside sources, but it brings with it a whole other set of problems and dangers that should be addressed.

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