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How Can Digital Drug Use Lead to Addiction?

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How Can Digital Drug Use Lead to Addiction?

It seems that everything has gone digital since the technology revolution, including drug use. While the term may sound like it refers to the selling or purchasing of drugs via the internet, digital drug use has a much different meaning.

Digital drugs are actually sounded or, more specifically, binaural beats that are thought to change brain wave patterns, producing effects similar to drugs and inducing an altered state of consciousness. How a sound can act like a drug on the human brain requires a little background information.

How Do Digital Drugs Work?

Binaural beats occur when two tones with minimal difference in frequency are played simultaneously. Without the use of headphones, a person will pick up both tones, but the slight difference in frequency is perceived as a single sound overall; however, when binaural beats are heard through headphones, an individual can clearly hear the difference, and the brain processes the sounds like two separate beats. The brain naturally processes rhythmic sounds as electrical impulses or brain waves and the idea behind digital drugs is to control these brain waves by synchronizing them with designated binaural beats. This concept is similar to the action of many medications and therapies, such as biofeedback.

Digital drugs are most commonly sold online, with multiple tracks mimicking the effects of a certain drug. There are digital drugs versions of nearly every recreational, prescription, and designer drug available from Ambien to Ecstasy.

Can Digital Drugs Get You High?

The science behind digital drug use reflects that individuals can achieve the intended effects. Some consider digital drugs to be beneficial as they can help individuals with sleep difficulties, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and more. However, the drugs can also mimic the effects of more powerful, dangerous drugs such as cocaine, peyote, heroin, opium, ecstasy, and more. The side effects of these illicit, recreational drugs are harmful no matter how they are achieved, in substance or in sound.

How Can Digital Drug Use Lead to Addiction?

Are Digital Drugs Addictive?

Since digital drugs are relatively new, more time is needed to determine the exact harm and consequences these drugs pose. As for now, digital drugs show no evidence of chemical harm or chemical dependency potential. Digital drugs are addictive in a psychological sense, which many consider being more difficult to break than a physical addiction. When individuals rely on drugs or substances to deal with or cope with issues, the substance or even behavior can become harmful. Addiction is defined as a compulsive behavior despite the harm it is causing.

If an individual begins to make poor life choices in order to continue using digital drugs or continues using digital drugs despite harmful effects while under the influence, they may need help for an addiction. Furthermore, individuals who start using digital drugs can enjoy the effect so much that they are led to begin using the actual substance form of the drug which can cause both a physical and psychological addiction.

Looking for Drug Addiction Help?

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