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Help for Internet Addiction and Depression

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Help for Internet Addiction and Depression

The Internet is available almost everywhere we go, and it can be all too easy for Internet addiction to develop. There is the treatment for those dealing with a computer and Internet addiction, and this help can restore their lives and rebuild broken relationships.

Who Becomes Addicted to the Internet?

There are no set rules as to who can become addicted to the Internet. Those with Internet addiction may include the following:

  • Business professionals
  • Stay-at-home parents
  • Self-employed professionals
  • Adolescents
  • Single parents
  • Married couples

Types of Internet Addiction

There are several types of Internet addiction that can rapidly consume the lives of those who suffer from them. A person may become addicted to one or more of the following:

  • Online gaming. Online gaming addiction can develop with any number of available online games. Online gaming addiction may leave players spending hours upon hours of time online and sacrificing sleep or family time to hit the next level or defeat the next opponent.
  • Social media. Social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter can be addictive. The ability to connect with people via social media outlets can turn from a useful tool into a form of Internet addiction.
  • Pornography. Porn addiction can be destructive and disruptive to relationships, as a partner may spend excessive amounts of time and money on porn. This Internet addiction can put jobs in jeopardy if individuals access pornography websites while at work.
  • Gambling. Online gambling addictions can put immense strain on relationships and finances, as the individual spends excessive time and money on his or her addiction.
  • Shopping. The ability to purchase just about everything online can be a way to save time and money. However, there is also the potential for an online shopping addiction. The thrill associated with this addiction can come from the arrival of packages or from finding deals.

Treatment for Internet Addiction

Consider integrated treatment for Internet addiction. Integrated treatment facilities offer treatment for both the addiction and any underlying mental and emotional concerns that need to be addressed. There is a strong connection between addiction and depression. To effectively treat Internet addiction any co-occurring depression or other mental health issues need to be treated. Integrated treatment helps to ensure that recovery is successful in the long term.

Getting Internet Addiction and Depression Help Now

Call our toll-free helpline, and talk to one of our understanding and compassionate counselors about Internet addiction or depression. Calls are completely confidential and can provide you with answers to the questions and concerns you may have about Internet addiction and recovery. We can even work with your insurance provider to arrange coverage for addiction treatment. Call now to speak with a caring and experienced counselor who can help.

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