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Factors in Treatment Pricing

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Factors in Treatment Pricing

One of the first questions many people ask when considering residential treatment for addiction is how much it costs. The assumption is often that treatment as exhaustive and comprehensive as drug and alcohol rehab must cost a fortune. The fact that so many celebrity detox cases have worked their way into our culture’s collective consciousness certainly contributes to this misconception. Many people remain trapped in a cycle of addiction, often suffering from other co-occurring psychological disorders as well, because they assume they can’t afford treatment. In most cases, this is not true.

Modern Addiction Treatment and Insurance

While insurance can certainly offset the costs of treatment, it is not necessary in order to enroll in a program. Many individuals choose a private-pay option or borrow money in order to attend rehab. Going to rehab may seem costly at first, but allowing addiction to continue to damage someone’s life financially, physically, emotionally, and mentally can rack up a much greater cost than that. For those who are uninsured and cannot pay out of pocket, the government has some programs available and some treatment centers will scholarship individuals who qualify.

For those who are covered by some kind of health insurance plan, whether through their employer, the government, their family, or a plan they pay for themselves, there are many treatment programs out there to choose from. Most contemporary US insurance companies provide coverage for addiction treatment due to the following:

Factors in Treatment Pricing
  • Addiction treatment is less expensive than overdose treatment.
  • Addicts who don’t find recovery often suffer from extensive physical ailments that cost insurance companies a lot of money over time.
  • Addiction costs employers significantly in terms of lost productivity.
  • In many states, insurance companies are forced to cover addiction treatment and face significant fines if coverage is denied.

New federal health care reforms and insurance regulations aim to ensure that all Americans have health coverage, which makes addiction treatment more available to everyone.

We can help verify your health insurance benefits and get you or your loved one into addiction treatment that works for you.


Financially Affordable Addiction Treatment

Numerous public and private organizations have been established to help individuals who wish to end their addiction but have no insurance and limited funds for treatment. Most treatment programs offer significant discounts, scholarships, and even payment terms in order to make recovery as accessible as possible. Specially trained admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day at our toll-free helpline to help connect that desiring treatment with programs and funds that are available to them. Financial concerns should never keep someone from seeking help for their substance abuse problems, whether he or she has insurance or not.

The Cost of Continuing Addiction

The most important thing for anyone considering rehab to understand is that the cost of continuing addiction is always exponentially more expensive than even the most high-end treatment. Addiction involves many obvious and hidden costs including the following:

  • The cost of drugs and alcohol continues to rise and can add up to thousands of dollars or more per month.
  • Many consequences of intoxication including DUI, possession arrests, fights, and other reckless behaviors can cost a person their freedom or all of their possessions.
  • Substance abuse is a prime factor in many divorces.
  • Addiction eventually impacts your ability to work effectively and may cost you your job.
  • Continuing substance abuse can cause brain damage, organ failure, and other catastrophic health consequences; some of which can be permanent or even fatal.

If you are considering getting help, please call right now before the power of this disease convinces you to turn down the idea of treatment. You may tell yourself that you can’t afford treatment or that you will absolutely check into rehab once you have a certain bill paid or project done; the truth is that the power of this disease is stronger than your will. If you delay, there is a very good chance you will never call for help, and this disease may cost you everything.

24 Hour Addiction Treatment Helpline

Our 24-hour helpline is available right now, any time of day or night, with caring, professional admissions coordinators ready to provide you with the following free services:

  • Personal answers to all of your questions
  • Immediate referrals to the best treatment programs available
  • Straight-talk answers about financial assistance and the total cost of treatment
  • Free insurance coverage assessment and confirmation of benefits

There are absolutely no strings attached. You have nothing to lose by calling now. Whether you are interested in luxury treatment or the most affordable options available, we’re here to help you find freedom from alcohol or drug addiction today.

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