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Can I Use My Phone during Inpatient Rehab?

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Can I Use My Phone during Inpatient Rehab?

Many people searching for a rehab center ask if cell phones and other communication devices are allowed. All rehab facilities follow their own rules, but most do not allow the use of personal cell phones or other electronic devices, such as computers, laptops, iPods, DVD players, tablets and etc. In regards to cell phone use, most rehab centers do not ban cell phone use, but they do regulate usage, especially early in the treatment process. Rehab facilities are happy to discuss their rules and regulations over personal devices before patients get treatment.

Most inpatient rehab facilities provide communication time each week to stay connected with family and other loved ones. People needing to use other electronic devices such as email and the internet for work may also be allowed to do so. Electronic availability and other specifics vary among facilities and depend on the individual. Aside from cell phones and other electronics, clients may bring other comforts and reminders of home, but the facility will let the client know ahead of time.

Can I Use My Phone during Inpatient Rehab?

Why Do Inpatient Rehab Facilities Discourage Cell Phone Use?

Rehab centers impose cell phone restrictions for a reason: to help recovering addicts focus on recovery. Cell phones and other electronic devices can distract patients from recovery, so they are generally banned. Many people seek inpatient services to get away from things that tempt or cause addictive behavior, so the facilities provide a safe and structured environment where clients can learn and practice skills needed to find lifelong recovery.

In addition to being a distraction from treatment, cell phones can also bring stress and other problems. There are many valuable lessons to learn during rehab that all other issues must be temporarily set aside. Effective rehab treatment requires patients to participate. No matter what they are used for, cell phones only prevent people from devoting themselves completely to recovery.

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