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ADHD Pill Use on College Campuses

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ADHD Pill Use on College Campuses

ADHD stimulant drugs are everywhere, especially on college campuses. Students use these drugs to study, participate in class or focus for long hours, so they greatly benefit from drugs like Ritalin, Concerta, Focalin or Adderall. Unfortunately, students across the country also abuse these drugs to get high, perhaps to cope with stress or to meet the demands of student life. College is expensive, and scholarship and grant programs often require students to maintain good grades, jobs, social lives, and family responsibilities. In response, students may abuse stimulant drugs to keep up with these high demands. If you or a loved one cases abuse stimulants while in college, seek professional help immediately to begin recovery.

ADHD Medication Abuse

Many young people see ADHD medications as a good way to stay awake all night. They use these drugs to party after a long day of work or study. This drug abuse may seem like a good idea at the time, but the crash afterward is hardly worth the risk, and people can become addicted to a drug if they maintain this kind of drug abuse. Furthermore, using ADHD stimulants recreationally can be incredibly dangerous. People often mix these drugs with alcohol or other substances, which are dangerous combinations. It can be easy to forget to eat while partying or to become dehydrated. Plus, when out with friends, college students are less likely to be mindful of the drug’s side effects until it is too late. In other words, this is a dangerous activity, regardless of how beneficial or fun, it may seem.

ADHD Pill Use on College Campuses

Abusing ADHD Medications to Study

Just as many people abuse these drugs to get high, many other people abuse these stimulants to enhance academic or work performance. They may take the drug to stay awake all night to complete assignments, or they may abuse the drug to focus in class. The rush of energy that these drugs provide may tempt people to abuse the drug repeatedly, and the energy from drug abuse may further compel people to ignore the associated health implications. For instance, stimulant drugs can be incredibly hard on the heart; they can lead to rapid heartbeat and even heart attacks. If you have an underlying heart condition that you were not aware of, these drugs can cause serious conditions that require hospital care. In some cases, stimulant drug abuse can lead to death. It is tempting to use these drugs to help performance, but ADHD drugs can be addictive as well as dangerous.

Help for College Students who Abuse ADHD Stimulants

If you are concerned about your own stimulant drug use, or someone else’s drug abuse, then please call us now. We can assess your unique situation and discuss the signs of addiction so that you will know when to seek help.

We help people find integrated treatment for both addiction and mental health concerns. If perfectionism or past traumas impact your college experience, consider taking some time to quit your powerful drug addiction. We can help you find treatment and support that fits your budget and even your insurance coverage. Call us now at our toll-free, 24-hour helpline to find out more. All of our services are free to you and completely confidential, so reach out for help immediately.

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